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Hobbit followup – the A. sediba story 20 April, 2011

Posted by Simon Nickerson in Uncategorized.

Here’s another interesting debate in the human evolutionary story. Last year scientists in South Africa found 2 partial skeletons that were approximately 2 million years old. Their analysis suggested it was a new species which they called Australopithecus sediba. Not only did they place it in the genus Australopithecus, which is the home of several early hominids including the Lucy skeleton, they claimed that A. sediba was the specific species that gave rise to our own Homo genus, including us – Homo sapiens.

That’s a pretty big claim, and not surprisingly was met with some resistance. Now the discoverers of A. sediba have revealed the results of further analysis, and their claim that it is a direct ancestor of our own species seems to be convincing more and more people.



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